2010. augusztus 31., kedd

Sketchy Duel

One man challenges another rather more reluctant man to a duel in this funny animation. The loser will die in an instant, from one swift shot. Or not...

2010. augusztus 20., péntek

Danny & Annie

A legszmorúbb animáció amit eddig láttam.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

2010. augusztus 18., szerda

Dog life

He seemd lovely

"My Kingston University graduation film, completed in 2008. Based on real interviews and recordings, this short film is about girls talking about men, sex and relationships on a night out."

He Seemed Lovely (full version) from Moth on Vimeo.

2010. augusztus 15., vasárnap

Bedbugs Odyssey

"A short film I made in 2008. I didn't have a plan for the story, I made it up shot by shot from start to finish one shot a day. To keep me interested in the process I tried not to think ahead so that every day would be a surprise.
Sound and music by Ben Sinclair, he saved my bacon, the music really pulls the film together."

2010. augusztus 14., szombat

2010. augusztus 12., csütörtök


Do you remember when we met? You were brilliant, witty, gorgeous to look at...something's changed.

2010. augusztus 11., szerda


anadolu university 2010 school project

play from sherrif on Vimeo.

2010. augusztus 9., hétfő


A hesitant girl tries to be someone else. She loses herself... quite literally.

2010. augusztus 6., péntek

2010. augusztus 5., csütörtök


Monstrous Wildlife is an educational film about Graboids.

Monstrous Wildlife from Frank Robnik on Vimeo.

2010. augusztus 4., szerda


Natural and man-made objects on a spin cycle accumulate, disintegrate, and multiply in Andy Kennedy‘s short film, Accumulonimbus. The material is clay, but its movement is lively and effortless. Making of

Accumulonimbus from andy kennedy on Vimeo.