2010. október 4., hétfő

A tenni akarók szövetsége

A Coalition of the Willing azzal próbálkozik, hogy egy olyan fórumot hozzon létre ahová mindenki bekapcsolódhat akit golobális felemlegedés valamilyen szinten foglalkoztat. A mozgalom célja nem csak a tájékoztatás, hanem olyan emberek jelentkezését is várják akik ötleteikkel és praktikus tudásukkal hozzájárulnának ennek a mindenki által hozzáférhető platform kialakításához,vagy valami ilyesmi, az animáció lentebb hatásosabban vázolja a problémát.
Ha a felmelegedés most nem is érezhető aktualitás, a mozgalomra már csak azért is érdemes feliratkozni mert előreláthatóan egy nem mindennapi fórum lesz, nem mindennapi létszámmal.


You’ve seen the film, Coalition of the Willing. On October 10, 2010, Coalition of the Willing launches the second phase of the project: the Coalition Movement Camp 10/10/10 Work Party — a flash mob development party for the climate movement. This is your opportunity to log on, converge, and swarm!

The aim of the Coalition Movement Camp is to enable activists, experts, and ordinary people to collaborate online with the world’s top web design talent. The goal is to brainstorm ideas towards a new generation of internet platforms for the climate crisis.

The Coalition Movement Camp is staged to coincide with 350.org’s 10/10/10 Global Day of Action. The venue is an open collaboration space: http://movementcamp.org. There will be sessions devoted to specific projects and campaigns including 350, OneClimate, and Appropedia. You’ll be able to upload image and video files and contribute to real time chat. There will be chat and twitter aggregation and webcasts incorporating contributions by Skype video. Our facilitators will work to summarize developments and keep you up to speed. We are looking forward to an incredible day of collaborative design, planning, and development.

The Coalition Movement Camp will run 10am to 10pm EST. Session times and other details will be available shortly. Sign up to the Camp for email updates!

Sign up to the Coalition Movement Camp on the form below.

Chances are you will be busy on 10/10/10 with other work party projects. The good news is that you can drop in and out of the Camp. You might join a conversation and monitor it through the day. You might participate at different points of the day, contributing to those sessions that interest you. You might add something over breakfast, then log in again after dinner to check up on developments.

We’re launching the Movement Camp on the Net, but this doesn’t preclude face to face engagement as part of this effort. We are working with Meetup Everywhere to enable groups to gather in net convenient spaces where their conversation can join the Movement Camp deliberations. Check to see if there are any Meetups in your area. Feel free to start one if there aren’t!

If you have a platform-in-development or other ideas you’d like to share with our community, we are happy to discuss organizing a session. Email Tim Rayner (tim at timrayner dot net) or Michael Maranda (tropology at gmail dot com) and we’ll take it from there.

We are currently building the collaborative platform for the Coalition Movement Camp. Sign up for updates on the project-in-progress, and keep an eye on http://movementcamp.org.

The results of the Coalition Movement Camp will be collated and made available under a Creative Commons License on the Coalition blog.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter @coalitionfilm

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

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